From the field to the shopping basket

The Stadt Land Food Market is a core feature of the festival. It compresses small farm agriculture, handcrafted food production, political dialogue and innovative culinary culture into 150 stands spread out on the streets bordering Markthalle Neun and on Lausitzer Platz, show-casing all that the market hall has to offer over the course of a week and year. In front of the entrance at Eisenbahnstraße, vendors from the Weekly Farmer’s Market and other stands provide a wide range of goods from fruit and vegetables to oil, eggs, flowers, kitchen tools and spices.
On Pücklerstraße you’ll find the best artisanal meat and cheese specialties produced in the region and elsewhere, and you can enjoy a hot and juicy salsiccia sausage straight from the Food Lab Sausage Grill, or check out the rare cuts at the Ox Grill. The stands on Muskauerstraße are for everyone with a sweet tooth – this block is a small version of the Berliner Naschmarkt (Berlin Sweets Market), with cakes, candies and coffee. And speaking of drinks, the market stands on Lausitzer Platz will feature liquid refreshment of all kinds – including natural wines, craft beer and craft spirits. While you’re at Lausitzer Platz, you should check out the savory street food, from kimchi to Käsespätzle, and taste yummy specialties from Syria and other corners of the globe cooked by refugees organized by Souk Berlin. And if you fell like you need even more food for thought: at the info stands in the middle of Lausitzer Platz, you can stuff your head with knowledge about farming, eating in the city, urban gardening – and start by making seedbombs.