Kimchi Workshop „Radish Kimchi“ Fermentation


Kimchi is a staple in every Korean household and in the past years it has quickly become a popular food for people around the world.  Known for it’s health benefits and special spicy sour taste, Koreans eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in all of its fermented stages.  from freshly made to batches that have been fermenting for up to 3 years.  Made through the process of lacto-fermentation, kimchi is full of probiotics and lactobacillus bacteria which is vital for a healthy gut.  Together we will learn the basics of making kimchi for yourself at home as well as the importance of choosing the right types of salt and chili powder.  We will go over how to make both traditional and vegan versions.   Please bring a small jar so that you can take some of your freshly made kimchi home to enjoy.

  • Mo 3.10.14—15 h

Lauren Lee aka Fräulein Kimchi

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