Wild oysters from the wadden sea: Learn how to open, prepare and eat the oyster oyster workshop

Wild oysters from the wadden sea: Learn how to open, prepare and eat the oyster. With the fisher Barbara Geertsema-Rodenburg

Barbara Rodenburg studied forestry. She worked as a consultant in nature management and spatial planning when she met the artisanal Waddensea fisherman Jan Geertsema. She not only fell in love with Jan, she also fell in love with the Waddensea and the craftmanship of artisanal inshore fisheries. The couple married, Barbara quit her job and now the two fish and work together to bring the best seafood to peoples tables.

Goede Vissers:
Eating ‚Good Fish‘ is not just a matter of chosing the right species and rejecting ‚destructive‘ geartypes. Fisheries are too complex for quick and easy answers. What may be good practice in a certain marine ecosystem can be very destructive in other circumstances. But in all different fisheries on our planet there is one constant factor: The fisherman makes the difference; it really matters who catches your fish. Goede Vissers is an informal fishermen’s collective that works on relationship between fishermen and the general public. Goede Vissers connects the seafood on your plate with the fishes in the sea. We also like to give the general society some feedback about the impact of many peoples daily lifes on our marine ecosystems. Because together we share the responsibility for rivers, waterways, lakes and the ocean.

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Barbara Geertesma-Rodenburg

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