Khao Taan - Thai Street Food

I was born in a Chinese-Thai family back in Thailand, we’ve owned and run a traditional Chinese bakery for almost a hundred years. My passion for cooking comes from my grandmother and I spent endless hours in her kitchen. I soon found another cuisine close to my heart while studying in Switzerland - the French. Recently I went back to Thailand to deepen my knowledge of Thai food by taking an internship in a Micheline star Thai Restaurant by David Thompson where I learnt many old Thai recipes from the 17th century, cooked in the royal palace. For SLF, I would like to feature Thai food come from the mixture of different groups of people who live in harmony in the country and share their love through food. Pad Thai - From its humble origins to the famous Pad Thai. This national Thai dish is in fact relatively new, emerging in the late 1930s. It was creatively invented as the symbol of love between Thai and Chinses communities in Thailand. This recipe from the east coast of Thailand, where additional ingredients such as Galangal and Lemongrass increase the heat and freshness taste. Curry Puff - Origin from the Muslim community in Thailand, influenced by the Portuguese in the 17th century. They took the Portuguese pasty “Pastel” and filled with variety of curries and deep-fried. The crunchy snack with pungent Thai spices.



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