Mama Shabz

I’m Shabnam Syed also know as “Mama Shabz” which is the name of my business here in Berlin. I’m a born and raised Londoner, but my parents are from Pakistan. A country that I feel very connected to do and trying to educate the world with its culture through FOOD! I produce Pakistani food which are recipes that have been taught to me by my mother who was taught by her mother and so on. Some of the recipes are altered to the German taste, but not so much as the spice and flavour is the essence of our Pakistani cuisine. It’s important in our food culture that the ingredients are fresh and as well as the spices. My mother and I love to make our own spice mixes and which adds a more unique homely taste to our food, which you can taste the different from ours to store bought spice mixes. All the pakoras will be served with my homemade mint & coriander chutney. I’ll also be bringing ‘The Paratha Un-wraps’ to the table - which has “Chaan Chaat” (chickpea salad), basmati rice and “Rajma” (red bean curry) with lots of toppings.



  • Sa. 10-22 Uhr
  • So. 10-18 Uhr