We are small family firm specializing in Poushe Strudels. We incorpo- rated 2009 in Zurich. We have our brand stores in Zurich and Stuttgart and we are well established on the Street food Festivals in Germany and Switzerland. Our product – the Poushe Strudels are traditional and modern at the same time, made out of real, fresh fruits, low on sugar, all natural and vegetarian. We also make gluten free as well as vegan strudels. Our brand represents a family tradition in strudel making that carried through many generations and finally to us. Poushe is the memories of our childhood spent at the farm with our grandparents and loving the food and the strudels made out of fresh fruits and vegies.


Reppischtalstrasse 18
8914 Aeugstertal

Rathausplatz 5
70563 Stuttgart



  • Sa. 10-18 Uhr
  • So. 10-18 Uhr