In our colorful Berlin, 3 people with Turkish origin but completely different lives can meet and become friends! In Berlin, 3 people can decide to live all the way organic and healthy.  In Berlin, one can find food from all around the world, including Turkish food. But locally produced organic Turkish deli? Not so easy! That's why we as 3 friends decided to produce bio sucuk, locally, with a German butcher! The recipe was tested endlessly with people from different origins and different tastebuds! Our slogan is "What the hell is Su'Schuk" and our aim is to make sucuk as local and as famous as Döner. 

Was wird auf eurem Demo-Schild stehen?
Su'Schuk, die beste sucuk für alle #biosuschuk



  • Sa. 10-18 Uhr
  • So. 10-18 Uhr