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Stadt Land Food Week

1 October | Symposium

The success story: communal catering in Denmark, Copenhagen’s ‘House of food’ and what Germany can learn from its neighbour.

1–5 October | Regiowoche

The ‘Regiowoche’, an initiative of the Ernährungsrat Berlin and the Association of Berlin and Brandenburg’s school caterers, will be showing in more than 275 schools, that organic and locally sourced school meals are feasible!

1–6 October | Staff Meal

Eat in Berlin’s best restaurants! Together with the chefs, who’ve already got the food revolution on their menus. Like Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Herz & Niere, Mrs. Robinson, ernst, Scent Restaurant, Hallesches Haus, Horváth and the Michelberger Restaurant.

2 + 4 October | Stadt Land Food Plate

The staff canteens of Berlin’s municipall owned companies ‘Berliner Wasserbetriebe’, ‘Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe’ and ‘Berliner Stadtreinigung’ are serving a Stadt Land Food plate – sustainable and regionally sourced – and show that they’re ready to take part in changing communal catering for the better.

3 October | A table for all

On the 3rd of October, the Day of German Unity, we’d like to gather all of you at one table: friends, kids, neighbours, families and strangers and invite you to a big spaghetti feast – for an intercultural and -generational dialogue.

Stadt Land Food Festival

6 + 7 October | Farmer's Market

The big farmer’s market with more than 150 artisanal producers and farmers from all over Europe is the heart of the festival. Get to know raw milk cheese makers, fishermen, artisanal butchers and sourdough bakers. Along with Berlin’s best street food, craft beer and natural wine.

6 + 7 October | Food Labs

What’s the main secret behind good, honest food? The making of it! Make your own bratwurst, ferment miso paste, turn milk into cheese, learn how to cook the whole garden from leaf to root! In our 13 food labs our experts teach you everything that goes along with it: the tricks of the trade, the knowledge, the ingredients, the passion.
A few workshops are held in English, but feel free to ask any of our curators your curious questions, they'll be happy to share their knowledge.

6 + 7 October | Kitchen for all – Halk Panayırı

In our communal kitchen we’ll show that good food really is for everyone and what is more: food’s power to bring cultures together. At Lausitzer Platz pupils from Istanbul’s MSA, the culinary arts academy, and Berlin chefs are cooking dishes of the local farmers' harvest, sauerkraut, sucuk sausage from the Uckermark and one of Turkey’s signature ingredient Tarhana for all!

6 + 7 October | Future of food tent

How do we want to feed our cities in the future? We’ll discuss the revival of food as a craft and show ways for young people to get involved in the food revolution! There’s a job board and colleges will present their food and sustainability focused programmes.
Meet butchers, bakers and farmers and ask them what it is like to literally bake bread as a breadwinning.